Transport Construction

Railway Line Upgrade, Section Púchov - Žilina, Slovakia

Investor:Železnice Slovenskej republiky
Designer:REMING Consult a.s.
Contractor:,,Združenie Nimnica“, Doprastav a.s. (vedoucí člen), Subterra a.s., TSS GRADE, a.s., Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s.
Implementation period:13. July 2016 - 31. January 2021
Railway Line Upgrade, Section Púchov - Žilina, Slovakia

The purpose of the upgrade was an increase of speed on the railway line and increase of the transport capacity. The upgrade consisted of changes of the horizontal and vertical alignment. It mainly included a construction of the track superstructure and substructure, construction of bridges, tunnels and culverts. These works were the most significant in the section Púchov-Považská Bystrica where a new six span bridge was built across Nosice Canal and twelve span prestressed concrete bridge (604 metres long) was built over Nosice Reservoir. In addition, a new train stop Nosice and two tunnels Diel and Milochov were built. Diel tunnel is 1,082 metres long and Milochov tunnel is 1,861 metres long. Behind Milochov tunnel the track returns to the existing alignment.

The works also included a construction of new overhead lines, heavy-current distribution systems and a construction of the modern signalling and communication equipment. Noise barriers were constructed to minimalize the noise impact to the existing buildings.