Company Profile

Subterra is part of the largest construction group – the Metrostav group – in the Czech Republic. It is a multi-sector construction company whose production programme includes underground, civil engineering and transport construction projects and also provides technical equipment for buildings and technological units for large infrastructure projects. This fundamental division of the production programme is reflected in the organisational structure of the company which is organised into four production divisions. Subterra executes contracts in other construction areas as well, such as water management projects and rehabilitation of brownfield land. It operates not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad, especially in Hungary, Serbia, Germany and Sweden.

Subterra operates abroad through its organisational units, units and, in addition, subsidiaries were also established in Hungary and Sweden. In the first case there is a hundred percent stake in Subterra – Raab Kft., the second one is a Czech-Swedish company SBT Sverige AB. In the Czech Republic Subterra had equity participation in three other legal entities.

In the production program, infrastructure projects involving underground and transport are the most prevalent. These are carried out by division 1 (specialised in the execution of mined and excavated underground structures) and division 3 (focused on the construction site segment), both at home and abroad. From the perspective of the other two divisions: division 2 (civil engineering) and division 4 (technical equipment of buildings and technological units) the domestic market is the priority.

In construction output, the Company has been consistently focused on the high qualifications of its technical and blue-collar workers. The Company also focuses on their preparation for work abroad. The competitiveness of the Company is also supported by its use of modern machinery and technology.

Special attention is paid to control systems. In 2015, the internal integrated management system of the company was comprehensively revised and is updated annually. The certified QMS, EMS, SMS, ISMS and SA8000 systems are also inspected on a regular basis. Subterra received recognition from the European Commission for adopting the EMAS programme, which is a voluntary environmental protection instrument. The Company adopted this programme and was one of the first businesses in the Czech Republic to do so. Reducing the impact of the Company’s activities on the environment is perceived as part of broader social responsibility, which is reflected in the promotion of culture, sport and charity projects. It goes without saying that the Company has a comprehensive and functional system, not only for criminal law compliance but also for compliance in the sense of the entire Czech legal order.