Company Profile

Subterra, as a part of the concern Metrostav Group, is a multi-faceted construction company, whose production program includes underground, civil engineering and transport constructions, as well as technical equipment for buildings and technological units for large infrastructure projects. This organisational arrangement of the Company consists of four production divisions. Subterra executes contracts in other construction areas as well, such as water management projects and rehabilitation of brownfield land. It operates not only on the domestic market but also abroad, especially in Slovakia, Hungary, Germany and Sweden. 

Subterra operates in foreign markets through its organisational units. Moreover, subsidiaries have been established in Hungary and Sweden; in the first case there is a 100% stake in Subterra – Raab Kft., in the second case, it jointly shares ownership in a Czech-Swedish company SBT Sverige AB. In the Czech Republic, Subterra has equity participations in four other legal entities. 

Underground construction and transport infrastructure projects lead the production program of the Company. These are conducted by Divisions 1 and 3 in the home market and abroad. For the remaining divisions, both Division 2 – Civil Engineering and Division 4 – Building Services Systems and Technology, the domestic market is the priority. 

Within the construction sector, Subterra prides itself on the high qualifications of its technical and blue-collar workers. The Company also focusses on their preparation for work abroad. It supports its competitiveness by using modern machines and technologies.  

Primary attention is also paid to control systems. The company’s internal integrated management system was comprehensively revised in 2015 and is updated annually. The certified QMS, EMS, SMS, ISMS and SA8000 systems are also regularly reviewed. 

Subterra has been systematically involved in projects of social responsibility in the social, cultural and sports areas. It has a comprehensive and functional system, not only for criminal law compliance but also for compliance in the sense of the entire Czech legal order.