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Railway Line Upgrade, Section Plzeň-Stříbro

Investor:Správa železniční dopravní cesty, státní organizace
Contractor:Sdružení firem OHL ŽS, a.s., Skanska ŽS a.s. a Leonhard Weis GmbH&Co KG, Subterra a.s.
Implementation period:1. May 2006 - 30. April 2009
Railway Line Upgrade, Section Plzeň-Stříbro

Location: 3rd transit railway corridor Prague-Pilsen-Cheb, to the border between Czech Republic and Germany 

The purpose of the upgrade was an increase of the speed on the railway line to a maximum of 160 km/h. The upgraded section has a length of 30km and includes four railway stations and four stops.

Part of the project is the construction of the second track, the reconstruction of the rail substructure and superstructure, construction of the underground structures and construction of new platforms including subways to ensure disabled and grade separated access. A new lighting system, new overhead line, new communication and safety equipment were installed along the whole section of the track. Further, 41 bridges, 50 culverts, 1 overpass were reconstructed and noise and vibration control measures applied. To minimise vibrations anti-vibration mats were laid under the main tracks and switches.

Subterra a.s. realised improvements to the substructure and reconstructed the superstructure and the platforms at the railway station Kozolupy. Furthermore, improvements to the substructure, reconstruction of 9 bridges and construction of the railway overpass were done on the track between Vranov u Stříbra and Stříbro.