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Upgrade of Railway Line Prague-Bubenec to Prague-Holesovice


Upgrade of Railway Line Prague-Bubenec to Prague-Holesovice

Investor:Správa železniční dopravní cesty, státní organizace
Designer:IKP Consulting Engineers, s.r.o.
Contractor:Sdružení Bubeneč – Holešovice, zastoupené vedoucím účastníkem Mestrostav a.s. a členem sdružení S u b t e r r a a.s.
Implementation period:30. November 2012 - 31. March 2016
Upgrade of Railway Line Prague-Bubenec to Prague-Holesovice

The purpose of the upgrade is mainly a partial increase of the line speed, an achieving the line load class D4 UIC and an introduction of the spatial continuity for the loading gauge UIC GC and wider vehicles. This will ensure the required throughput. An increase of the safety will be reached by the installation of the modern signalling and communication equipment. Further a new train stop will be constructed and the stations will be modernized according to the new standards for the platforms. 
In total 4.46 km long section will be upgraded. It includes 1.7 km of the track at the railway station Prague-Bubeneč (including stop Podbaba), 1.12 km long section between Praha-Bubeneč and turning Stromovka and 1.64 km long section at the railway station in Prague-Holešovice (including turning Stromovka).
The works include reconstruction of the rail substructure and superstructure, reconstruction of buildings, platforms and bridges. The project also includes modification of the alignment, overhead lines, heavy-current distribution systems and construction of noise barriers.