Transport Construction

Railway Line Upgrade, Section Rokycany – Pilsen

Investor:Správa železniční dopravní cesty, státní organizace
Designer:SUDOP PRAHA a.s.
Contractor:firmy Metrostav a.s. (vedoucí účastník) a Subterra a.s. jako „Sdružení MTS + SBT - MTÚ Rokycany – Plzeň“
Implementation period:17. July 2013 - 17. August 2019
Railway Line Upgrade, Section Rokycany – Pilsen

This project upgrades the existing railway line between Rokycany and Pilsen. Rokycany and Pilsen stations are omitted. The upgrade changes the horizontal and vertical alignment, relocation of the tracks, modernization of the communication and security equipment, construction of new overhead lines and other construction works to increase the speed on the railway line from 90km/h to a maximum of 120 or 160 km/h.
The section has the length of approximately 21.2 kilometres and includes a relocation of two sub-sections of the track (1.5 km and 6.4 km long), construction of Ejpovický Tunnel (2 single-track tunnel tubes 4,150 m long) and reconstruction of Ejpovice and Chrást u Plzně railway stations and Klabava and Pilsen-Doubravka railway stops. Among Ejpovice station and Pilsen-Doubravka stop the railway line is completely relocated outside the current alignment and the new railway line passes by the railway station Chrást u Plzně. 
Thanks to this re-alignment the length of the railway line is shortened by about 6,100 metres which will bring significant time savings for the journey time between Prague Main Railway Station and Pilsen Main Railway Station. The rest of the directional re-alignment is carried out mostly within the existing embankment. In some places the embankment width to be widened.
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