Underground Construction

Reconstruction of Alter Kaiser-Wilhelm Railway Tunnel

Investor:DB-Netz AG
Designer:DB ProjektBau GmbH
Building Surveyor:ILF Beratende Ingenieure ZT GmbH, Senger Consult GmbH
Contractor:S u b t e r r a a.s.
Implementation period:1. April 2014 - 28. February 2018
Reconstruction of Alter Kaiser-Wilhelm Railway Tunnel

The project involves the conversion of the historical double-track tunnel to the single track tunnel which will meet the current requirements for the technical condition and safety. The Alter Kaiser-Wilhelm tunnel was completed in 1879 and is 4,205 meters long. It is located in Rhineland-Palatinate between towns Cochem and Edinger-Eller. By 1988 it was the longest railway tunnel leading through a natural barrier in whole Germany.

Subterra will carry out removal of the existing tunnel equipment as rails, sleepers, ballast and technological equipment. The most challenging part is reprofiling of the existing stone lining and an excavation of the tunnel invert. The tunnel will be deepened by approximately 1.3 meters and eight cross passages will be excavated to connect an existing tunnel with the newly built parallel tunnel which is already in use. The works will also include a construction of the final waterproof concrete lining.

The complexity of the reconstruction lies especially in the complicated logistics inside of the tunnel to meet planned procedures of reprofiling, tunnel invert excavation and concreting.