Underground Construction

Exploration Tunnel for Radlice Tunnel

Investor:Hlavní město Praha
Designer:SATRA, spol. s r.o.
Building Surveyor:VIS, a.s.
Contractor:Subterra a.s.
Implementation period:1. April 2014 - 9. March 2018
Exploration Tunnel for Radlice Tunnel

"Radlická radiála" is an important road for greater Prague and has a wider regional importance. It will be used by internal and external traffic and it will take over part of the transport from the streets "Plzeňská" and "K Barrandovu". It will connect Jihozápadní město (South-west part of Prague) with the city ring road.

The "Radlická radiála" road passes through urban areas and its route leads in specific geomorphological conditions. The main difficulties for passing are historical buildings and the level difference of 140 meters between the Vltava River valley and the plain Stodůlky. These conflicts can be overcome only by constructing relatively long tunnel sections.

Subterra will excavate an exploration tunnel approximately 850 meters long in the alignment of the final road tunnel and will also provide ground geological survey. The exploration tunnel excavation begins from 14m deep shaft located next to the Zlíchov tunnel portal where the site facility is situated. The shaft will be used to transport excavated material and as the entrance for people.

The excavation starts in the close vicinity of the highway and the railway line. Therefore no blasting is allowed and only mechanical excavation or the "cautious blasting" can be used.